Bitcoin’s Blockchain Data Navigator (BitNavi)

BitNavi (in short for Bitcoin’s Blockchain Data Navigator) is an end-to-end solution for storing Bitcoin block data in real-time in RDBMS and navigating the same. BitNavi provides both web and REST API interface for browsing the entire blockchain.  By storing in an RDBMS, it allows users to query the block data using SQL besides using REST API.

BitNavi keeps track of all the raw blockchain information like blocks, transactions, inputs/outputs, difficulty, fees, addresses, etc.

❚ Highlights:

  1. Supports both on-premises and cloud (e.g. AWS) deployments.
  2. Deployment Models
    1. Single Server Model: for small-scale setups, a single server model deployments for running all the components on a single server.
    2. Multi Server Model: For enterprises that demand high redundancy and high availability, we recommend multi-server model for each layer. For example, web server, REST API endpoint server, Bitcoind, and RDBMS server.
  3. Highly optimized across all layers for optimal performance and scalability.
  4. Highly customizable. Our services team would be glad to assist in addressing any specific customization needs.
  5. Supported list of RDBMSs includes MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora. Please feel free to contact us for any specific RDBMS support.

❚ How to Access:

For the demonstration purposes, we are running BitNavi on AWS cloud. The web front can be accessed using the following link.

Access BitNavi Here

Please contact us if you need to try out the REST end-point.


❚ Managed Services Option:

We also provide a managed service option by running a dedicated setup for your organization on AWS cloud.

❚ Services and Support:

Please feel free to contact us here for any specific support and services needs.