About Tomosys Technologies

The company name Tomosys is derived from tomo + systems. The prefix tomo means together in Japanese. Our core members have worked very closely with customers in USA and Japan, it's our long term experience and strong belief that togetherness in the team, and close collaboration with the customer is the bedrock to our success in delivering many enterprise class systems using our global delivery model.

We specialize in enterprise-class product development services, application development and IT systems integration services using J2EE based web technologies for both on-premises and cloud based deployments.

Our senior technical staff in USA, Japan and Eastern Europe focuses on the architecture, design and leading the development work, and closely collaborates with the development teams in emerging markets. This helps us with team scalability, and lower development costs. This model makes us unique in delivering high quality, robust products and applications. Our team has solid expertise delivering systems in financial services, e-commerce, social media, big data analytics, information security.


Deliver value with teams and systems with togetherness as the bedrock.


With togetherness as the bedrock, Achieve excellence, and deliver value for stakeholders by delivering high quality, world-class services.


• TOGETHERNESS: We strongly believe that the togetherness-mind is the bedrock for high performance teams.

• INTEGRITY: We believe in strong ethics, accountability, and trust as the building blocks of a business.

• INNOVATION: We are committed to new thoughts, ideas, and approaches that add value to customers.

• QUALITY: We ensure that all our services meet the highest standards of quality.

• PASSION: We are passionate about our products, people, and customers.

• EXCELLENCE: We strongly believe in the philosophy of excellence breeds excellence. We constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of services we provide.

• SIMPLICITY: We strongly believe in the adage "simplicity is the hallmark of a genius". We continually seek to simplify and improve processes.

The Tomosys Advantage

We are committed to delivering and building world class systems and products, ensuring that they satisfy our criteria of High QPAS – High Quality, High Performance, Highly Available and Highly Scalable. It is this approach that helps us maintain our standards in our people, products and brand. 

01 Trust: Our organization is built on trust and we believe that the only way to succeed is to provide real and measurable business value to our clients. We work with the highest standards on integrity and this helps us develop long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

02 Expertise: Our professionals, on an average, possess over 8 years of industry experience and are equipped with in depth knowledge of mission critical application development and delivery know-how. In addition to our teams in US and India, we have development partners in Japan, Russia and Ukraine in specialized knowledge areas and this pool of top-notch domain experts has ensured that we successfully deliver global projects.

03 Customer Centered Approach: We believe that client satisfaction has to play a very important role in a company’s success. To determine this, we ensure that we meet the business objectives of companies of any size and specific domains.

04 Global Network Delivery Model: Our processes assure consistent, well-planned, measurable and reliable delivery from any and to all locations. We have the resources to offer services to worldwide clients on a multi-site and multi-location operating model.

05 Collaboration and Trackability: We adopt Distributed Agile/Scrum methodology to effectively organize our projects and collaborate with our clients and deliver quality services. This provides transparency to our clients and allows us to serve them better in terms of cost, quality and time frames. Our Clients have access to project tasks, milestones, weekly status reports, build progress, risk planning and mitigation advises in a timely manner.

Development Centers

office map

  • USA Head Quarters
    San Jose, CA

  • We are headquartered in San Jose, where the team consists of geographically distributed members committed to build great systems. The team at the HQ focuses on Basic architecture and Design. It is headed by Warlu, the founder of Tomosys.

  • India Development Center
    Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad

  • Our India Development Center (IDC) is located in the bustling Hi-tech City in Madhapur, with access to highly skilled IT professionals. We have 1800 sq ft office space to accommodate and expand to 30+ professionals. The team at the IDC focuses on Research, Product Development and Maintenance and Support.

  • Satellite Teams
    Eastern Europe

  • We have long term partner and core team relationship with our satellite teams in Eastern Europe. Together, using our global delivery model, we have developed and delivered several robust enterprise class products and applications. Eastern-European team, together with global teams, works closely in architecture, design, and core development. This model truly speaks for our philosophy of global togetherness in delivering the best solutions.