Bit Coin Core Client for Java (B3C4J)

B3C4J (in short for Bit Coin Core Client for Java) is a Java based client for use with Bitcoin Core (bitcoind). B3C4J is specifically created by a team of software professionals with solid background in building enterprise financial services applications and platforms.

Compared to other libraries, the differentiating features include broader support for RPC calls, BigDecimal, multi-thread safe, etc.

❚ Software Requirements:

  1. JDK 1.7 or later
  2. Bitcoin Core version 0.13.2*

❚ B3C4J Download Links:

  1. Getting started in English (size: 985KB)
  2. Getting started in Japanese (size: 1.23 MB)
  3. Javadocs (size: 404KB)
  4. B3C4J binary only (size: 2.59MB)
    • MD5: ab8daba902e0b60605054cfbce4302ee
    • SHA1: eaf98f7d66fd0f2e9ddf382b4a1f033f84368904
  5. All files (size: 5.12MB)
    • MD5:9e9a7826b7280303e2cc0c9378156443
    • SHA1: 03ab2783095b5ba1bf8d3717a8f9fe77d86039bd



* Though this is tested with 0.13.2, testing with other versions is work-in-progress. Please feel free to drop us an email in case of any issues.