Our Core Services

  • Product Development

  • Our global team is comprised of senior technical members with substantial experience in building and delivering enterprise class products. Our service offering includes prototype development, end-to-end product development, and augmentation of customer side product development teams.

  • Application Development

  • We closely work with customers in U.S.A and Japan, and offer end-to-end application development. Our on-site team closely collaborates with customers in the areas of requirements gathering, testing, training, and deployment. Using our global delivery model, we offer 24x7 application support.

  • SQA/Testing

  • We offer SQA and testing services in the areas of unit testing, white-box testing, black-box testing, internationalization testing, performance and load testing. Backed by our solid experience, we go beyond typical use cases and formulate tests for testing corner use cases. Based on test-first philosophy, we offer test automation services, and it's not uncommon for us to create test automation frameworks specific to the application/product to enable the test team to increase the test coverage and automate test cases.

  • Product Deployment/Support

  • Our team has substantial experience in working closely with multi-national companies. We offer services in assisting product vendors with product deployment and support services for customers in Japan and APAC. Our team has many bi-lingual technical and project management professional with substantial experience in collaborating with global customers.

Company Profile

The company name Tomosys derives from tomo + systems. The prefix tomo means together in Japanese. Our core members have worked very closely with customers in USA and Japan; it's our long-term experience and strong belief that togetherness in the team and close collaboration with the customer is the bedrock of our success in delivering many enterprise class systems using our global delivery model.

We specialize in enterprise-class product development services, application development and IT systems integration services using J2EE based web technologies for both on-premises and cloud based deployments.

Our senior technical staff in USA, Japan, and Eastern Europe focuses on the architecture, design and leading the development work, and closely collaborates with the development teams in emerging markets; this helps us with team scalability and lower development costs. This model makes us unique in delivering high quality, robust products, and applications. We have substantial expertise and experience in the delivery of systems in financial services, e-commerce, social media, big data analytics, and information security.

Why Choose Us

We are committed to building and delivering robust enterprise class products and applications, and ensuring that they satisfy our high standards in QPAS -- Quality, Performance, Availability, Scalability. This core standard is the driving force behind our teams, deliverables, and brand building.

       • Customer Centric Approach

       • Global Delivery Model

       • Agile Management

       • Expertise Backed by Global Teams

       • Trust with Long Term Relationship in Mind